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[Early morning randomness bared fruit in the form of a new meme, Insanity Arkham. Arkhamoriginsenigma is to thank for the base, while I made up the lines for them. You’re welcome, internet.]



I laughed so hard no sound came out

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"THAts not RED hoood!!!"

"hOW IS red HOOD iN the GaEM IF iT S A prequel"

*screams internally*

Do people not know that Joker was the Red Hood before Jason was? Is this really a thing people are still finding out?

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I don't patter.
Alfred: I hope you'll try to keep a low profile tonight, sir.
Batman: Trust me, I'll take out those assassins before they even know I'm there.
Alfred: It's not just that... if some curious child looks out to see who's pattering across their rooftop, they'll expect Santa Claus, not a black-clad bat creature.
Batman: I don't patter.
Alfred: *Exasperated sigh*


BatDad [twitter | vine]

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Alfred is the best


Batman’s thought bubbles in Hush.

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If it’s a boy, buy him a completely authentic little Batman costume. If it’s a girl, buy her a completely authentic little Batman costume.

The desire to be Batman is non-gender-specific.

Cracked, this article (via niczka)

always be batman


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