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words to use instead of using “bipolar”


when you’re talking about something or someone changing a lot (rather than referring to bipolar disorder or someone with bipolar disorder) please don’t use “bipolar” to describe this.  because using “bipolar” when you’re annoyed with the weather or to insult your ex is really shitty.

  • moody
  • capricious
  • erratic
  • temperamental
  • volatile
  • inconsistent
  • fickle
  • impulsive
  • vacillating
  • mercurial
  • variable
  • unpredictable 

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Gotta love when my bipolar disorder and anxiety flare up at the same time!

Earlier I was in a total manic state, super hyper, goofy, all of that. Strange for me as my manic bits tend to usually not be so high. Now I’m down to this anxiety driven desire to lash out and/or curl up and cry for no apparent reason. Fuck this, for reals. I was having a perfectly fine night, and then my brain had to fuck it up. I’ve been doing super well with it lately too. Oi… Let’s hope tomorrow will be back to normal. 

Personal worries ahead! Ye be warned.

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Yeah, lots of mental disorders aren’t cool. Pretending to have them isn’t cool. You know what else isn’t cool? CUTTING PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR HAVING SAID MENTAL DISORDERS!

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Fucking Bipolar Disorder…

I have gone from depressed, to neutral, to angry, to neutral, to happy, to depressed all in the short span of 3 hours. I hate this. I feel physically ill from the crazy mood swings I’m having. God, if I ever get pregnant I’ll be lucky to keep my sanity. I’m already viewing some things from a surrealist view when this kind of shit happens, let alone when even more crazy hormones would be pumping through me. The insomnia really isn’t helping either. It’s 5:30 in the morning, I better think about all the bad things that have happened and that I’ve done or that have been done ever in my whole life and beyond that. Grrr… This is probably a sign that I need my dosage increased. Brilliant.