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Tiana and Naveen’s Jaeger (Evening Star) has the unique capability of leaping extremely high in and out of water, it focuses mostly on projectile weapons rather than hand-to-hand combat. Out of the giant robot, Tia and Naveen love to brighten up the spirits of all their teammates and other rangers by bringing homemade food and lively music to the recreational halls. 

3/?? for my Disney Jaeger Pilot series


we are missing a golden opportunity in facilier facilitating the kaiju apocalypse from his position of research doctor

he’s got friends on the other side 


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Extensive research has concluded that this indeed, is the greatest line in animated film history.

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why do we even have that lever?

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I don’t even know what love is.

Anna started out as very naïve in love. At the beginning, she had this idea that love is generally about finding romance. She was afraid to be alone. That is why when she finally got the chance to meet people, she instantly fell in love with the first handsome and charming stranger whom she had met.

Most of her life she tried to reach out to her sister, but eventually she kind of gave up on her. This was until she discovered that Elsa has powers that she began to finally understand that her sister only isolated herself because she was afraid and she wanted to protect her. At this point, Anna was starting to learn to love unconditionally and with understanding.

Anna meeting Kristoff was very interesting for me, because this was the time when she really got to know someone first and accepted them for who they truly are, despite of their flaws and all. Also, the part where she punched Hans, for me, showed that she finally knew what love really is and that Hans doesn’t have that, for he has a frozen heart.

To sum everything up, I love Anna because she may have started out so naïve in love, but she has come to discover that love, in the words of Olaf, is “putting someone else’s needs before yours.”


My love is back again…

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What is also fascinating about this film is that the villainess (Gothel) masks her villainy in the guise of love. She does not have the wealth of Cruella De Ville, nor the magic of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent. She is only equipped with an arsenal of emotional manipulation and self-esteem grenades, designed to keep Rapunzel afraid of the world and herself. As such, she is an amazing archetype for the devouring mother that many women must (to greater or lesser degrees) face in order to get free, and fully come into their own. [x]

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Frozen fanart by Yana Toboso (Kuroshitsuji’s creator)

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