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My problem when
It comes to love.
Do I want you?
Or do I just want someone?

To all my followers, and anyone else who happens to see this.

If you ever need someone, anyone to talk to, anything, I’ll always be here. I won’t judge, I won’t ridicule, I won’t mock or laugh, I’ll listen. Please, if you are hurting, let someone know. Help is out there, and people do care. You may not think that is true, but trust me on this one, you are loved. 

Something my family said at Christmas has been really bugging me.

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Russell Brand & the Westboro Baptist Church

wouldn’t it be funny if Russell was actually Jesus in disguise tho i mean look at him plus he seems to know his shit i mean i’m just sayin

I don’t know much about Russell Brand, but this is just awesome.

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Men better be lining up at my doorstep with some goats to get me, yes sirree. 

#true facts

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#true facts
To be completely honest…

I don’t know if I want love and relationships right now or just lust and friendships but if I know one thing it is that I wish life was more simple.