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Awesome short film made by some people I know. Check it out! Like it, vote for it, and share it!

Going to see The Avengers for the third time.

I regret nothing.

This movie with Chris Evans is on in the break room. He has like psychic powers or something and there’s guns and other people with psychic powers and I want to know what this is so I can watch the rest of it and I know at least 3 of my followers can probably tell me.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - Opening Credits

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Van Gogh Painted with Words

I need to watch this movie. Also the one where he plays Stephen Hawking.

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"Perks" poster revealed!



What a cast! I cannot wait for this film.

Don’t forget to check back HERE for the TRAILER next week!

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Is this real? Because I love that book. 


Blues Brothers




Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

This was fucking BRILLIANT.

Love this movie.

Just got back from seeing Cabin in the Woods.

It was fucking awesome! I recommend it to everyone. I knew Joss Whedon’s writing would be fantastic but the cast really pulled it off. Great movie all around.